Paint & Wall Texturing Services in Austin, TX

If you want something that makes a room in your Austin home stand out, there are other design options besides painting that can add character to walls and ceilings. One of them is texturing. There are many different types of paint texturing and application processes that make it a great project for Austin home improvement because you get to decide how it turns out. The versatility of texturing compounds allows it to be customizable on surfaces and make your Austin walls and ceilings one of a kind! You hire the contractors at Austin’s Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling, you communicate your vision for texturing walls to us and then let us bring it to life!

Texturing for Drywall in Austin

The best way to add lasting texturing to walls in your Austin residence is to apply it directly to the drywall. This means it will stick and last through multiple paintings but also is an addition that can be scraped off with ease if you decide to return to normal walls. There are several different ways to go about texturing walls with many different tools. Its best to leave texturing to a professional like the contractors at Austin’s Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling, as we have almost ten years texturing walls under our belt. Based on your vision and the initial consultation we are able to decide how to best apply texture to the walls and ceilings of your Austin residence. Some require hand-application, some require spray machinery, but we are experts at all of them and guarantee to always do a professional wall texturing job for all Austin clients.

Techniques for Texturing Walls

  • Sponging – Press the wet plaster compound onto drywall with a sponge
  • Trowel – Apply drywall mud with a notched knife tool to create a crosshatch texture
  • Knockdown – Apply compound to drywall with a paint roller, then chip away with a tool
  • Orange Peel – Use a spray gun with a narrow nozzle for slight bumps
  • Popcorn – Use a spray gun with a wide nozzle for dramatic peaks

Paint Texturing for Your Austin Home

Another way to create a textured look to the walls and ceiling of your Austin home is to add it to the paint! This is a two-birds-one-stone method, as your home receives color and texture in one fell swoop when our Austin contractors use a textured paint on your walls or ceiling. To achieve the perfect “random” stippled look, leave paint texturing to the professionals at Austin’s Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling, as we have expertise on application and drying methods that make all the difference for the finished result.

Removing paint texturing from walls around Austin

For homeowners in Austin that would like ceiling or wall texturing removed, we also provide those services with the same expertise and professionalism as our application projects. The most common scenario we see is popcorn texture removal, as it was a popular interior design fad in Austin in the 70s and 80s but now outdates residences. If you wish your textured walls were smooth, we can help you achieve that with our quick removal techniques for paint texturing and texturing walls. Give us a call today for a no-cost quote on these texturing services from Austin’s Bright Spot.

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