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Austin homeowners are saturated with choices for contractors when they want to do a home improvement project. We have established a satisfied customer base in Austin through ten years of excellent service for all of our house painting jobs. Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling owner Janette hires only the best and most professional painters, so you can have full confidence in the painting team that is working on painting your home.

House Painting for Austin Homeowners

There are many reasons people decide on having their home painted: the current house paint is old and cracking, the family wants a new color scheme, or a newly built house needs initial painting. For older homes in Austin, the curb appeal starts to drop when the outside paint fades, and the charm and character of the interior can easily be overpowered by the unsightliness of cracked and deteriorating paint. Our expert home painters in Austin can color match to the old shade and make it look fresh or offer new hue suggestions to change the color and appearance of the space. In new Austin homes, home painting is one of the most important parts of design because color communicates mood, so we work diligently with new homeowners to discuss the vision they have regarding house paint.

What Our Painters Can Do for the Interior of Your Austin Home

It’s amazing how much effect a bad paint job can have on the overall look and feel of your space. A few cracks and discolorations from old paint can make the entire room seem outdated, when really only the walls or woodwork need updating with a quick paint job. The painters are Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling are equipped to revitalize your Austin home one brush stroke at a time, no matter how minuscule or massive the area is! We have done everything from painting cabinets and baseboards to covering every single wall in a home with paint. Check out our gallery for ideas and inspiration from past interior home painting projects we have completed in the Austin area.

What Our Painters Can Do for the Exterior of Your Austin Home

Just like the paint on the inside of your Austin home, exterior house paint also degrades over time, and even more so since it is exposed to the elements. The blazing Austin sun and the moisture from Texas humidity accelerate the frequency at which paint starts to fade, crack, and look worn. Since your home’s exterior is the first impression people get of your living space, you may want to consider hiring Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling to give your Austin home a facelift with house painting.

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Does your Austin property need interior or exterior home painting? Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling has expert painters on staff and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, meaning we are the Austin company to call for home painting projects. Contact us now for a free estimate. Our painters have years of experience in Austin through which we have developed and perfected our home and house painting methods and procedures for all the different surfaces that can be painted at a house, inside and out, and work with only top-of-the-line equipment to deliver top results.

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