Exterior Painting in Austin, TX

First impressions are everything, which is why people place so much emphasis on their personal appearances. The first impression people receive from your Austin residence is purely based on looking at its exterior and paint job. “Curb appeal” is a term used in the Austin real estate world to describe how attractive and marketable your home is from the street. No matter how fabulous and updated the interior is, if the exterior painting of your home in Austin is cracked or faded, the initial message your residence sends is a weary one. Turn to our residential repainting to put your best foot forward.

Professional Exterior Painting for Your Austin Home

We do exterior paint jobs on new homes and repaints for the exteriors of old homes. There’s so much potential in exterior painting for new builds in Austin; they are blank canvases where any color scheme can be used. Older homes in Austin can look much worse off than they actually are due to old exterior paint, but when Austin’s Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling performs our exterior residential repainting services, we make an old home look brand new! Whether you want a fresh coat of your current color or aim to switch it up with an entirely new color scheme, our Austin contractors are here to give your home a facelift with our exterior house painting.

Painting Exterior Surfaces Around Austin

There are a few other outside surfaces that Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling commonly spruces up via our excellent exterior painting services. Buildings that surround your Austin property, such as sheds, garages, and treehouses, face the same challenges as the exterior of the home. Since these areas brave nature’s elements and the brutal Austin sun, their paint jobs tend to wear out quickly and make the structures appear much older than they are. We handle exterior painting projects on these surfaces as well to make sure that all parts of your property are looking good.

Exterior House Painting for Austin Businesses

We at Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling believe that curb appeal isn’t just important for homes in Austin. The appearance of a storefront says a lot about a business, and a bad paint job can communicate negative things to potential customers. You want your Austin company to look as professional as possible, and that starts with have a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of it.

Free consultations on exterior house painting

Residential repainting in Austin is not an easy task by any means. It is an extensive project and can get expensive if you do not know what you are doing, so hiring a professional to paint your home’s exterior is always recommended. Hiring Austin’s Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling for an exterior paint job is a surefire way to be one of the best-looking houses on the block. Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling has painted Austin homes old and new for almost ten years and would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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