Drywall Repair Contractor in Austin, TX

Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling is proud to consider itself a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to home improvement help in Austin. In addition to the painting services that we offer we are also proud to be an established drywall company as well. Our Austin drywall contractors do drywall repairs of all shapes and sizes. We are a full-service drywall company that handles everything including setting up, patching, sanding, and of course, preparing for paint!

Drywall Repairs for a Perfect Paint Job

The issue with some Austin painting companies is that they cut corners and simply add extra paint to cover up inconsistencies in the wall. We only paint on surfaces that will result in a perfect finsihed product, so our Austin contractors will do drywall repairs. We use professional equipment to fill and seal holes and dents, then sand and prime the wall to get it up to par for painting. Using our services in Austin as a painting and drywall company means more cohesion in your home improvement project, as our drywall contractors will see the wall work the whole way through.

Hire a Contractor for Drywall Repairs

Some Austin residents consider drywall repairs something that they can take on themselves. While its true you can find the process steps on a DIY blog and the needed materials in an aisle at Lowe’s, why not let a professional handle it? The main reason to hire a professional drywall contractor from an Austin drywall company is that you want a professional result. It’s easy for Austin homeowners to make mistakes while doing their own drywall repairs, which will leave an even bigger, costlier problem. Hiring the expert drywall contractors at Austin’s Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling means you can trust they know what they are doing, as they have been doing it for almost a decade.

Our Austin Company’s Drywall Cleanup Process

One of our main missions as a company is total professionalism, which includes leaving your Austin residence in perfect condition once the project is complete. We ensure this by taking steps at the start of each job to fully seal and tape off areas that are not being worked on to minimize disruption, and a full clean up at the conclusion of the project. While working on the walls in your Austin home, all of our drywall contractors will be safely suited up, with goggles, gloves, and protective gear.

Contact your local Austin drywall company

We offer many supplemental services for fixing up minor things around your Austin residence, which is beneficial as they are often in conjunction with our painting projects and it is much easier to have one contractor in charge of everything. One of those services is drywall repairs, so if you have holes in the wall of your Austin home, don’t risk trying to fix it yourself. Call the drywall repair contractors at Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling today for a free estimate in Austin.

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