Deck & Fence Staining Services in Austin, TX

At Austin’s Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling, we offer supplemental refinishing services to customers who would like to make home improvements without using paint. A great example of these paintless projects are Austin clients who want to stain their wooden decks or fences. When it comes to fence and deck staining, there are a few options in Austin for shades: transparent coats are invisible and strictly for weatherproofing, while colored stains create a symmetrical appearance for an Austin deck or fence that is mismatched due to decay.

Prep to Stain Fences and Decks

To guarantee we can complete a fence or deck staining job with satisfactory results, our Austin contractors must make sure the wooden surfaces are going to be compatible with staining products. If they are not, our team will have to do some prep work. Weathered wood must be cleaned to rid it of dirt and debris that would get it the way of the stain soaking in. Luckily our Austin staff is knowledgeable and equipped for all pre-staining procedures so no matter what condition your fence or deck is in, we can work with it.

Professional Fence Staining in Austin

While fences mainly serve a utilitarian purpose cordoning off spaces and creating privacy in our Austin yards, appearance still matters for them. A plain, unfinished wood fence can be transformed into a beautiful surface with a bit of fence staining. Our Austin contractors are well-informed on staining products and will assist you in picking one based on how much of the natural wood grain you wish to show through. All of Bright Spot’s Austin fence staining jobs entail clearing nearby landscaping, carefully applying coats of the stain, and cleaning up any excess. Fence staining lasts for almost a decade, so you will be able to enjoy the finished look in your Austin yard for years to come.


Staining for Austin Decks

Deck staining is a bit more labor intensive because they are horizontal surfaces that experience a lot of foot traffic. This means they require a bit more prep work and maintenance than fence staining but hiring an Austin professional for deck staining means you can maximize its lifespan. After washing and preparing the deck, we roll or spray on the stain, making sure to get all angles of any steps, railings, or cracks between boards. Our Austin deck staining contractors add a few extra coats to areas of the deck that receive heavy sunlight or foot traffic.

Call Bright Spot Today for Staining Services

If you want to beautify your landscaping and simultaneously protect outdoor surfaces, a simple fence or deck staining project could do wonders for your yard in Austin. Bright Spot Painting and Remodeling’s staff is here to inform you of the details for staining fences and decks in Austin, so give us a call today. We can send out a contractor to your Austin home, who will assess your property and provide a free estimate on how much it would cost for us to stain your fence or deck.

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